Rotterdam Climate Proof with Dutch hotspot approach

How can the urban region of Rotterdam, situated below sea level, with its international seaport, industries, economic activity and its many residents, be protected against climate change?

Hotspot Rotterdam Region incorporates expertise, practical strategy and policy to make the region climate proof.

We are looking into ways of incorporating excess water into the infrastructure and into high-quality public space

Water comes to Rotterdam from four different directions. The region is situated on the sea coast and the rivers Rhine and Meuse flow through the area. Precipitation has been increasing as a result of climate change and, combined with the rising sea level, is destabilizing the groundwater level. To prepare itself, the region has developed a long-term vision based on scientific research. Rotterdam Climate Proof - as part of Rotterdams Climate Initiative - has translated that vision into more concrete action programmes that tackle issues and design concrete measures for the shortterm read more ยป

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This is an abstract of an article, published in the magazine Deltas in times of climate change.

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Maartje Smeets

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Arnoud Molenaar
Coordinator of the Hotspot Rotterdam Region and Manager of Rotterdam Climate Proof

Erik Hovingh
District Water Board Schieland and Krimpenerwaard