Creating bio-shields in the Mekong River Delta

Viet Hoang, WWFs coordinator for the Greater Mekong in Vietnam, believes that maintaining natural processes is a low-cost, effective way to minimize the worst impacts of climate change.

"Villages with restored mangrove forests suffered less damage during typhoon Durian."

Throughout the world, countries are facing dramatic impacts of extreme weather events. Is the Mekong Delta in Vietnam struggling with similar problems?
"Due to climate change, the Mekong Delta has suffered more typhoons of higher intensity, and the typhoon season has shifted to later in the year. Its easy to recognize that rainfall has increased in rainy seasons. More heavy rainfall causes severe floods, which occur more frequently. On the other hand, precipitation has decreased in the dry season" read more »

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This is an abstract of an article, published in the magazine Deltas in times of climate change.

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Michel Verschoor


Viet Hoang
Freshwater Coordinator
WWF Greater Mekong, Vietnam