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Delta cities help each other

Connecting Delta Cities
This book explores the different aspects of climate adaptation and the various challenges delta cities in the world face. It's an investigation of comparative adaptation problems and progress in the cities of Rotterdam, New York, Jakarta, Londen, New Orleans, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Ho Chi Minh City. ISBN: 978-90-816067-1-4

'We can adapt!'

World Bank Report: 'Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change'

Delta competition 2010

The Delta Competition 2010 challenged students to come up with creative and innovative solutions. Entries were submitted by 24 students from all over the world. The Panel of Judges were impressed by the range of subjects and the innovativeness of this years contenders. The top ten papers have been published in the Delta Competition 2010 book. This book is available as download at the website of the delta competition:

Rotterdam Climate Proof with Dutch hotspot approach

The Urbanisten and the wondrous water square

This graphic novel tells the story of a smart idea: the water square. Rainfall is becoming more extreme. This is a problem for many cities, especially delta cities such as Rotterdam. The book illustrates the genesis of the water square: from the first idea on the drawing table tot consultations with the municipal authorities on the eve of the construction of the first water square in the Netherlands. It tells the story of what can be done on the water square, how it works, and the numerous forms the water square can assume.ISBN: 978-90-6450-737-3
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Placing a value on nature

TEEB report: Mainstreaming the economics of nature - synthesis
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Climate management: it's a serious game

A general brochure of Flood Control 2015 is available as download at