Building community resilience in Pueblo Viejo

Disaster response is often organized centrally, while building first-line capacity can help communities to act effectively themselves.


Local communities are the first to respond when a disaster or extreme event happens

Pueblo Viejo is a fishing community on a narrow strip of land on the Colombian coast. It is situated between the Caribbean Sea and a large lagoon, which forms the delta of the Rio Magdalena. Like so many vulnerable communities worldwide, the inhabitants are increasingly feeling the impact of a changing climate. In recent years Pueblo Viejo has been affected by a series of extreme events. Flooding, strong winds and severe coastal erosion are all in- creasing as a result of climate change. According to INVEMAR, a local marine and coastal environment research centre, Pueblo Viejo may well be totally inundated by 2030 read more »

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This is an abstract of an article, published in the magazine Deltas in times of climate change.

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Bruna Haghebaert
Disaster risk reduction/climate adaptation adviser, Netherlands Red Cross