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Delta networks are being created throughout the world and the formation of alliances is a much discussed topic during international missions.

The Delta Alliance is a network of deltas that is primarily aimed at sharing knowledge and jointly developing expertise. The basis of this network was the intensive cooperation between Vietnam, Indonesia, California (US) and the Netherlands under the Dutch Knowledge for Climate Research Programme. Programme Manager Wim
van Driel: "What began as bilateral cooperation between the Netherlands and the other countries, has developed into an increasingly larger network. Vietnam, Indonesia, Egypt, USA California and China have joined the Alliance. Others like Bangladesh, USA Louisiana, Brazil and Argentina have become very interested."

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This is an abstract of an article, published in the magazine Deltas in times of climate change.

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Ria de Wit


Wim van Driel
Programme Manager, Delta Alliance

Arjan Berkhuysen
World Estuary Alliance

Arnoud Molenaar
Connecting Delta Cities