European cities show ambition on climate adaptation

There is a lot at stake for cities in the event of radical climate change in the decades ahead. London, Rotterdam and Copenhagen are trying to anticipate the changes by means of innovative concepts such as 'pocket parks', floating houses and water plazas.

By Jaco Boer

These days in Copenhagen there are comings and goings of ministers and heads of state from more than 190 countries. During the United Nations World Climate Change Conference, and subject to the critical gaze of journalists and environmental pressure groups, they will try to reach concrete agreement on how to slow down global warming. Copenhagen is proud to be acting as host to such an important event. Last year the city itself set up an ambitious climate change programme, with the aim of becoming the first 'carbon neutral' capital in the World in 2025. Before then, carbon dioxide emissions must be more than halved. The switch-over to energy extraction from wind and biomass will play an important role in this respect. Inhabitants and companies will also have to use less energy. The city aims to compensate for the eventual remainder of greenhouse gases by constructing extra windmills and by afforestation read more ยป

This article is a part of the magazine 'Climate Adaptation in Europe'

December 2009