European aproaches to adaptation strategy

Controlling the elements

The climate crisis demands damage prevention and control. But how do EU member states approach and tackle the challenges?

By Michel Verschoor

In October 2009, The London Climate Change Partnership launched a detailed report on the climate change effects on London's biodiversity. In 'Adapting to climate change: creating natural resilience' the report explores how the role of protecting, managing, designing and creating biodiverse landscapes will help the city adapt to droughts and expected heat-waves. In neighbouring Ireland the country's Heritage Council launched a study into the impact of climate change on the Irish coast and inland waterways. Its recommendations include a discussion of adaptation options and the challenges they bring.

Further to the south, the Portuguese have similar concerns. With 832 km of coastline, many settlements are under the direct influences of a capricious Atlantic Ocean. At Maria Luisa beach in Portugals Algarve, five people died this August in a coastal landslide, which, according to Environment minister Nunes Correia, was the result of heavy waves hitting the coastline. Some coastal municipalities are already studying on adaptation strategies or have been strengthening their coastal defence systems read more »

This article is a part of the magazine 'Climate Adaptation in Europe'

December 2009