CIRCLE network links 34 organizations in 24 countries

Bridging the gap to adaptation policy

More specific and coordinated research is required before the seven-headed monster of climate change will allow itself to be tamed by effective political decisions: research that goes beyond national borders and meets questions posed by policy-makers.

By Michel Verschoor and Baud Schoenmaeckers

Europe can't afford to have cross-border climatic influences or comparable natural and social systems analysed separately by each of its countries or regions. Both research and response action must be well coordinated. Since 2004, such research has been stimulated, financed and made mutually compatible by the European Research Area network CIRCLE. CIRCLE is a bridge between research and adaptation policy. Circle, which stands for 'Climate Impact Research Coordination for a Larger Europe', was initiated in 2004 with partners from 7 countries. As a science funding network, CIRCLE coordinates research on climate change and adaptation throughout Europe by networking and aligning national and regional research programmes. Now at the end of its first phase, 34 organizations from 24 countries have agreed to continue CIRCLE activities in a second generation network to be launched early 2010.The ultimate goal is to contribute to a climate-proof Europe; a Europe that will be able to overcome the impact of climate change on the whole community read more ยป

This article is a part of the magazine 'Climate Adaptation in Europe'

December 2009