Henk Kamp, Former Kingdom Representative and current Minister of Social Affairs , talks with Lt Governor Glen Thodé

The same dance to different rhythms

The Dutch approach to problem solving is as distant from the Bonairean approach as the two places are distant from each other physically. But the Dutch polder and the Dutch Caribbean have a promising, albeit longdistance, relationship. Lt Governor Glenn Thodé in discussion with the former Kingdom Representative and current Minister of Social Affairs Henk Kamp about opportunities, respect and progress.

By Baud Schoenmaeckers

The stately office of the Bonaire Island Government on the Plaza Wilhelmina looks welcoming, as it stands along the canal where large cruise ships bask lazily in the sun. When these drop off their precious "cargo", thousands of tourists overrun the picturesque town of Kralendijk previously known as Koralendijk or a dike built on coral. The tourist industry is Bonaires largest source of income. Growth is needed to satisfy the increasing demand.

How much growth can Bonaire take on without destroying its vulnerable environment?
Glenn Thodé: "It will never become a case of economy versus ecology; the two will always go hand in hand on Bonaire. As administrators we will ensure that Bonaire retains its ecological value. That is the only way to help the economy move forward sustainably (...)

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