Fishermen on the islands awaiting developments

From self-regulation to international conventions

Fishing is an important source of income for the islands but the sector is also in critical need of regulations. The fishermen are learning to cope with the new reality.

By Baud Schoenmaeckers

Tempers are heated among the forty fishermen from Bonaire. They've come together at a courtyard on the Bulevar Julio A. Abraham in Kralendijk to hear about
the management plan for the Exclusive Economic Zone. Words like 'registration' and 'permit' are frequently heard. "We dont agree with that", one of the fishermen calls out. "We have nothing to do with permits and we want to keep it that way." Others support him: "Youre only interested in knowing exactly where and when we caught how much fish so that you can tax us." And the entire discussion is held in Papiamento. Deputy Reynolds 'Nolly' Oleana acts as an interpreter for the Dutch authorities who have come to explain the plan. "The plan being presented here isnt about taxes (...)

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