EEZ gives Coast Guard greater scope

The Coast Guard can now more effectively control a larger area

Ships that drop anchor in protected coral reefs or otherwise break the law in waters around the BES islands have been forewarned: with introduction of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) the Coast Guard now patrols a larger area and is more effective in catching offenders.

By our editors

The SuperRhibs (Super Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats) can operate at a maximum speed of 42 knots along the coast of Curacao. They are twelve metres long big enough to hold six people and suitable for patrolling coastal waters and carrying out boarding operations, in which they come up alongside and board boats for inspection. The Coast Guard has twelve of these SuperRhibs, which can operate far out to sea, for long periods and under poor weather conditions. They are ideal for carrying out the Coast Guards tasks, which involve not only saving lives but also the control of drugs, weapons, illegal immigration and fishing, and environmental pollution at sea (...)

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